Sustainable African Strategies

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The continent of Africa is on the brink of a new age where we see the power of innovative economics and technology ripples building into waves of positive change, moving the people of Africa into a time of renewed productivity and sustainability.

Sustainable African Strategies is a non-profit company based in Cape Town, that is positioned within the African market to build capacity through developmental projects in various regions using key partnerships and uniquely placed stakeholders, to maximise impact.

Employing collaborative partnerships and cutting-edge technology, Sustainable African Strategies aims to create positive change through capacity development and empowerment initiatives that promote sustainable livelihoods, poverty alleviation, and wealth creation within communities throughout Africa.

The low GDP of many African countries is a product of three interlinked, foundational problems: poverty, unemployment, and poor-quality education.

Poverty, unemployment, and lack of education are significant challenges when it comes to shifting from a subsistence to a self-sustaining economy inhabited by capable people who are trained to build businesses that can offer meaningful incomes and employment and compete on a global scale to improve the GDP of Rwanda and the communities that comprise it.

A proven solution for improving the GDP in African countries is the creation of opportunities for sustainable livelihoods that lead to economic upliftment, economic engagement, and economic power at all levels. In other words, making it possible for all members of a community to access meaningful work within their environment.

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Sustainable African Strategies work with the individual in the context of their community to create sustainable livelihoods, as communities are the building blocks of a nation. We long to see a world where Africa’s vast economic potential is unlocked, and it directs its own destiny towards a better life for all Africans.

Sustainable African Strategies is a registered Non-Profit Company based in Cape Town, South Africa