Our Methodology

Our project methodology framework is customised, presented and approved for each donor-specific project. However, it typically covers the following areas:

  1. Scope – defining and documenting the scope and outcomes of the project, including developing a theory of change
  2. Strategy – outline the project implementation strategy using our proven process and methodologies, including a project roadmap and work plan
  3. Systems – select and customise the necessary systems, templates and workflows from our cadre of useful tools
  4. Partner Implementation – identify and engage the relevant in-country and technical partners, manage the project implementation with the partners, ensuring delivery per agreed work plans.
  5. Monitoring & Evaluation – ongoing monitoring mechanisms are built into the project design to ensure up-to-date project, output and outcome tracking, and a project evaluation is conducted to identify learnings and establish impact.
  6. Reporting & Review – comprehensive reporting is prepared and reviewed with the donor to inform all parties on the successful implementation of the project as well as gaps that can be fleshed out into a second phase or follow-up project.